5 reasons to wait until Black Friday to shop

Sometimes there is no greater feeling than treating yourself to something new! Whether as a pick me up or even a celebratory present. It can make you feel like a new person strutting your stuff in a jacket you’ve had your eye on for ages. Or showing off a new gadget to anyone who will listen. It’s always tempting to snap it up th¬ere and then but for the sake of your bank balance, there’s good reason to hold off until the Black Friday sales.

  1. More family time

The holiday season can either be a lovely time to relax and see family, or a lot of last-minute running around. Often, it’s the latter. Buying all your Christmas gifts on Black Friday takes away a lot of the stress. It also means you can spend much more time doing the things you love. Think Christmas markets, hot chocolate and wintry films with your loved ones. All the while, everyone else is panic buying novelty socks for their dads.

  1. Get more for your money

Often retailers do great bundle deals like 3 for 2 which makes it a perfect time to get stocking fillers. If you have children to buy for, you can mix and match to give them a variety to play with.

  1. Save some cash

We all know the holidays can be one of the most expensive periods of the entire year, so saving a bit of money is a bonus! It may be obvious, but many people don’t realise quite how much you can get at a cheaper price. The best tip is to make sure you plan in advance what gifts you want to get. This means you have a clear idea of what you’re getting and creates less chance of buying things out of panic.

  1. Everyday must-buys

With all the hype around the holidays, it’s easy to focus on gifts and not on other items you could get for cheaper. Black Friday is the perfect time to pick up bits that you’ve needed for ages and haven’t gotten round to buying yet. Things like a new washing machine or some shoes for work are often reduced too. All of those boring shopping trips that seem like such a chore can be taken care of. You can also spend less of your hard-earned money on those bits that you really need but have put off buying.

  1. Research time

Although waiting to buy can be tedious, it does give you a lot of time to consider your options. Giving you chance to subtly ask about what people might want for Christmas. Then more time to research the best shops to get it. It also gives you a chance to compare the best deals, to ensure you’re making the right choice.
So while it may be tough to hold back on buying that bag you so desperately want, it will pay off to wait until Black Friday. And once Christmas rolls around and you have your feet up, you’ll be thanking your lucky stars that you did!