Makita Black Friday Deals for 2023

Best Makita Black Friday sale in the UK


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Power through this Black Friday

If you’re looking for professional power tools for your home or business, you’re in the right place. Makita offers some of the highest quality tools in the market. Like any quality product, they don’t come cheap. But, Black Friday is the best time to find them at attractive prices. We tell you everything we know about this brand.

Makers of innovative power tools

Makita is one of the top tool manufacturers in the world. The company has more than 100 years of experience with power tools. One of its biggest, full-production plants has had its home in Telford, UK, since 1991. The company is most popular its focus on innovation and the quality of its motors.
Each tool is made with premium-grade steel and magnetic copper wires. Makita uses super advanced technology and high-quality control tests for its products. What are the qualities that buyers love the most? The tool’s power, precision, sturdiness and balance when working.

Tools, tools, and more tools

In Makita’s range of power tools, you can find almost anything. They’re suitable for both DIY and professional use. Their products include drills, angle grinders, saws, sanders, impact drivers, radios, compressors and multi-tools, among others
The company is most famous for its professional-quality drills. Its cordless drills have become increasingly popular in the UK. Combo kits and full sets are also favourites for beginners and experts.

Best-rated in the market

While Makita’s products may seem expensive, they aren’t fully inaccessible. According to experts, these tools are well worth their price are made to last for life. The brand’s products are often featured in tool-review blogs.
There’s a variety of models for each kind of tool, so you will need to search for the one that best fits your needs. These are some of many well-reviewed Makita products and bundles:

  • Makita HP457DWE10 Combi drill accessories with carry-case
  • Makita DU C353Z Cordless electric chainsaw
  • Makita DLX2134TJ Combo Kit

The only factor that seems to be mildly controversial for Makita is its customer service. You can find some mixed reviews for repairs and returns on Trustpilot UK.

Makita Black Friday sale

It’s too early to tell, but each year Makita and tools sellers offer better prices during Black Friday. It’s just a matter of checking regularly online and keeping your eyes open!
There are several retailers and online sites which specialise in selling tools. For example, Power Tool World, Tools4Trade, Tool Stop, Protrade, ITS, Wickes, FFX, among others
For returns and repairs, buying from Makita’s website might be more efficient in the long term. The brand might also offer better and more frequent deals online.
You can also buy Makita products on Amazon. If you do, look out for discounts and offers during Prime Day. It happens in June every year and you may find great discounts.

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