Henry Hoover Black Friday Deals for 2023

Best Henry Hoover Black Friday sale in the UK


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Henry Hoover

The world’s most popular vacuum cleaner, the Henry hoover, accommodates for both home and commercial use. Offering cleaning solutions that you can rely on, Henry is Numatic’s innovative creation. With a wide range of vacuums, you can grab yourself a great deal with Henry hoover Black Friday.

About Henry Hoover

Numatic are ranked as the UK’s most reliable vacuum brand. As a result of the peroduct’s popularity, Black Friday truly is the best time to buy a Henry hoover. Functional and professional, Henry hoovers are designed for their longevity, durability and efficiency. They pride themselves on the Numatic Sustainability Formula, focusing on sustainable products. The friendly face of Henry Hoover has been a part of British households since the 1980s. Numatic has also released Hetty, George, Harry, James and Charles. Ideal if you’re on a budget, Henry Hoover’s are made to last for decades making them a great all-rounder – small in size but very durable.

Which is the Best Henry Hoover?

With such a selection, how do you know which Henry is the best one? Here at Black Friday Club we’ve curated some of the best Henry Hoover features for you. Depending on your needs, Henry covers all bases. The ultimate Henry Hoover is the HVR200-11. While being powerful and reliable, it also has a large capacity. The very long cable makes it easy to move from room to room, while the high suction is good for pet hair. The HVR160 is exactly the same but a smaller size, ideal for those struggling with storage space.
The HVB160 is a cordless alternative that allows you to roam freely around the house. You will need to charge every 30 minutes, however. If you suffer from allergies, there’s even an option to accommodate, with the Henry Allergy.

Which is the Cheapest Henry Hoover?

If you’re after the most basic vacuum, the Henry Hoover is the cheapest at £139.00. Great for quick tidy ups or whole house cleans, Henry is an ideal choice, with a 6L capacity. The Hetty Hoover also sits at the same price, if you fancy the pink or yellow friendly Hetty face. The Henry Pet is priced at nearly £160.00, made for pet hairs and removing any odours.

Henry Hoover Sale

Henry Hoover has sales on selected products throughout the year, so keep an eye out for great deals. We expect Henry Hoover Black Friday to reduce prices, so you can make the most of great discounts on Black Friday.

Other Henry Hoover Products

Henry Hoover has the option of standard, allergy and pet. If you’re conscious about the planet then the Henry Eco saves energy too. Along with the vacuum cleaners, the Henry Hoover range extends to carpet cleaning. They’re perfect for shampooing carpets and cleaning hard floors. There is also the added extras of accessories and bags.
Henry Hoovers are made to last for a long time. However, if you need replacements then you can still find everything you need. The Henry Replacement Kit provides you with:

  • FloMax Hose
  • 3-Piece Stainless Steel Tube Set
  • Combi Floor Tool
  • Tapered adaptor
  • Dusting Tool
  • Brush and Mattress Tool

For carpet and hard floor cleaning, why not invest in the ProKit? It fits any Henry or Hetty hoover and includes a powerful Airobrush. You can even find PetKits and CarKits to suit your needs.
With Henry Hoover Black Friday deals you can find the perfect friendly hoover. With all the extra accessories, it’ll make any housework quick and easy.

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