Polaroid camera Black Friday Deals for 2023

Best Polaroid camera Black Friday sale in the UK




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Meaningful and memorable, Polaroid cameras are the perfect way to capture life’s best moments. In a fast-paced world, taking photographs helps us appreciate what’s right before our eyes. With a Polaroid camera, you can make those seconds last forever.

Creating nostalgic photos, Polaroid is a classic when it comes to instant images. Polaroid Camera Black Friday deals will let you savour the memories for a fraction of the price.

About Polaroid Camera

In the 1970s, Polaroid cameras were revolutionary in the photography industry. Producing photographs in just seconds was a major moment in technology. Decades later, it’s something that we still gravitate towards today. Polaroid has a whole range of cameras, so it’s easy to find your favourite. Choose from;

  1. Polaroid Go Instant Camera: Smaller, more compact, and even wearable, the Polaroid Go is a new addition to the Polaroid family. It includes a self-timer and selfie mirror, with easy-to-use double exposure.
  2. Polaroid Now i-Type Instant Camera: Expect sharper photos with the autofocus 20-lens system. It includes built-in double exposure and a handy self-timer.
  3. Polaroid OneStep+ Instant Camera: OneStep+ allows you to capture shots in portrait and landscape mode. It features 7 creative tools. This includes light painting, self-timer, point-and-shoot automatic mode and double exposure.
  4. Polaroid 600 Square Instant Camera: If it’s a vintage feel you’re after, then the Polaroid 600 will do just the job. These are fully refurbished Polaroid cameras from the 80s, 90s and 00s.
  5. Polaroid SX-70 Instant Camera: Legendary in the photograph world, the SX-70 was the first instant SLR camera invented. The SX-70 is another vintage and refurbished Polaroid camera. It has a manual focus and an impressive fold-down design.

Which is the best Polaroid Camera?

With so much choice, how do you find what’s right for you? The Polaroid Now is great for any level of photographer. It’s a modern take on the original design while being user-friendly and easy to navigate. The most notable feature is the autofocus, switching between a standard lens and a close-up.

The OneStep+ is another good choice. With a classic Polaroid experience, the OneStep+ includes Bluetooth. Alongside the app, it offers remote shutter and exposure. It’s also worth considering the costs, as the films can be up to £2 per shot.

Polaroid Camera Prices

Black Friday Club is the best place for Polaroid camera Black Friday deals. Each Polaroid camera varies in price. If you’re considering the Polaroid Go, then it’s around £110. You could invest in the Starter Kit, which includes a colour film double pack, for £128. The Polaroid Now comes in a wide range of colours and starts at £120. Again, the Now Starter Kit includes colour and black and white film for £160. You can even find a gift set option.

The OneStep+ sits comfortably at £130 on its own. For the Starter Set, you’ll need an extra £40. The Polaroid 600 is similar to the Now and starts at £120. The most expensive camera on the list is the vintage SX-70 which is nearly £400. However, with Black Friday deals, you can earn some great savings.

Polaroid OneStep+

With its classic feel and nostalgic vibes, the Polaroid OneStep+ has a modern twist. Made to load, point and shoot, the OneStep+ can also adjust exposure and opt to turn off the flash. It includes a portrait lens, light painting and double exposure. If you’re an expert, then you can access manual mode to set the aperture, flash power and shutter speed.

Polaroid 600 Film

A pop culture icon, the Polaroid 600 are the most well known. They’re fun and user-friendly with a selection of film. Opt for the classic colour 600 film or the black and white for a retro vibe. For something new, why not choose the round frame, or add a splash of colour with the colour frame addition.

With so many options to choose from, you can time travel through decades. Capture the big milestones and the small moments with Polaroid camera Black Friday deals.

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