Scalextric Black Friday Deals for 2023

Best Scalextric Black Friday sale in the UK

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The Full Scalextric Range for Black Friday

Scalextric provides hours of fun for you and your family. Whether you’re buying a set and a selection of cars for your own children, or looking to relive your own childhood.
Car obsessives and childhood nostalgia hunters unite. The range of Scalextric car types now on offer is bigger than ever. Liveries and yearly updates mean your collection of cars never gets old, and you can continue to add to your collection year on year.
Scalextric is available from many of the most well known retailers across the UK, such as:

  • The Works
  • Robert Dyas
  • John Lewis
  • WHSmith

They are also available on online stores e. g. Amazon. Prices can range from £89 rising up to £549. Many local toy shops and independent stores also stock this well loved racing game.
The classic Scalextric sets have expanded to include yearly car updates and accessories. You can buy the following online:

  • Classic Scalextric Sets
  • Cars
  • Tracks and extension packs
  • Power and Controllers
  • Spares and accessories

Scalextric have expanded their racing sets to include almost every kind of racer. You can now buy the following full sets:

  • My First Scalextric – for the beginner racer
  • Micro-Scalextric – for kids
  • Standard Sets
  • ARC Sets – cars controlled by apps
  • Digital Sets – race up to 6 people
  • European Sets – with adaptors for the EU market

The Scalextric Community and Scalextric for Adults

Did you know Scalextric has an active fan community? It’s true! The wider world of Scalextric fans can be found at the Scalextric Community page. From that page you’re directed to blogs, forums and event pages for Scalextric fans all over the country. There you can reminisce and introduce your children to other generations of racers.
You can also find the latest news on new releases, such as the Aston Martin DB5, Ford GT and more.

What is Micro Scalextric?

Micro Scalextric is the perfect gift for your kids. This range is ideal for the younger racer and built in a 1:64 ratio, as opposed to the regular range of 1:32. Finding the perfect Black Friday Micro-Scalextric deal will make your families year. Keep an eye out and make sure you’ve signed up to our newsletter to make sure you get first dibs.

Black Friday Scalextric Deals

Most of the major retailers will have some form of Black Friday offer for some, if not all, of their sets. Their main website will also run deals and offers.
Scalextric is one of the countries most loved games, and is still being sold around the world in the truck load. Our Black Friday deals mean you can get this wonderful racing game for a great deal.

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