Air fryer Black Friday Deals for 2023

Best Air fryer Black Friday sale in the UK


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Air fryers will be back for Black Friday

Air fryers are among the most searched kitchen appliances during Black Friday. For a simple reason: They’ll save you money and time when cooking. Last year, multiple retailers offered impressive air fryer deals. We’re predicting similar offers will be on the table this November. So, now is the time to start looking for the best options.

Everything you need to know about air fryers

Much like food processors, air fryers have become popular because of their multiple functions. Air fryers work by circulating hot air around the food to produce a crispy texture. You can cook all kinds of foods, from side dishes to complete meals, in record times. Here are some of the benefits you can get from an air fryer:

  • Faster and automatic cooking
  • Healthier fried meals (minimal or no oil required)
  • Pre-set programmes

If you’re looking for a quality air fryer, you’ll want to evaluate features like easy-to-use controls, stirring paddle, additional settings, accessories and if it is dishwasher-safe.

What are the most popular air fryer brands?

There’s a wide variety of air fryers in the market. Their prices may vary depending on more specialized lines and functions. Overall, these are the most popular brands in the UK:

  • Tefal
  • Cosori
  • Ninja
  • Philips

Get the best: Top reviewed air fryers

At Black Friday Club, we do the research to help you find the best products for your kitchen. Based on online reviews and newspaper rankings, these are the best air fryers in the market:

  • Tefal ActiFry – Especially the Genius 2×1 model has been reviewed as the top overall air fryer in the UK.
  • Cosori – A new brand placing in top rankings. Most models have great reviews from customers for quality and performance. Plus, they have affordable prices.
  • Ninja – This brand is a quality warranty for most kitchen appliances. Their Foodi air fryer models don’t disappoint, with high-tech and multiple features.
  • Salter – Has received great reviews for quietness. Also, its compact model is highlighted as one of the best for cooking in small portions.

Budget buys: Air fryers under £100

Having a quality air fryer doesn’t have to mean investing hundreds of pounds. You can find popular brands at an accessible price. They may be simpler, but they’ll do the job and save heaps of time: These are some of the best-reviewed air fryers listed under £100:

  • Tefal’s Easy Fry Line
  • Cosori Original and Pro models
  • Ninja’s Digital AirFryer (AF100UK)

During Black Friday and other sale events, you may find fryers that cost over £100 with significant discounts. For example, Phillip’s Air Fryer is listed at £199 but is often on sale at £99. Sometimes you can find Tefal’s Original ActiFry under £100, even though it’s usually listed at £200+. Definitely keep an eye out for deals on air dryers!

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