DJI Black Friday Deals for 2023

Best DJI Black Friday sale in the UK

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Finding DJI Black Friday Deals

DJI is a pioneering video, camera, filmmaking, accessory and enterprise film services company. They focus on making groundbreaking drones. Along with their famous camera stabilizers rs2 and rs3 pro, they also supply consumers and professional services with world class adaptable drones, drone services and camera tech.
DJI are a premium brand and sell premium consumer products, such as:

  • A range of drones called the Mavic series
  • A range of camera stabilizers called the Osmo series
  • The Phantom series of professional grade drone cameras
  • An educational robot line called the Robomaster series
  • A Digital FPV series called DJI FPV series

DJI also sells services such as Drone solutions to the Agriculture industry.
This top tier range of professional grade integrated systems and accessories are niche products so don’t be afraid of the higher-than-average prices. You may be hard pressed to find a huge amount of discount applied to these products. Considering the premium variety of products and services they sell, hunting for the right DJI discount might be a challenge. That said, what discounts they do have, we’ll host here at the Black Friday Club.

Where is DJI sold?

DJI are sold in some well known retailers such as Jessops and Currys, alongside more specialist marketplaces such as:

  • Flying Drones
  • London Camera Exchange
  • Store Topia

DJI are also sold via their own store, their official eBay and Amazon channel.

The Drone market and where DJI stand

Being able to use a Black Friday deal on DJI products would make a considerable saving to a premium product. Their drones are priced in the range between £419 and £1779. Camera tech, batteries and accessories is priced between £50 and £600.
DJI also makes a great effort into setting their premium product up against the competition. Their Consumer Drones Comparison page breaks down their full drone range and how they compare to other drones on the market. You can visit their Consumer Drones Comparison on their website.

Let the reviews do the talking

DJI are a well respected brand, and if you’re hesitant about buying one, simply let the reviews do the talking. PC Mag host a range of very complimentary reviews of the DJI range, which are overwhelmingly positive.

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