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We want to make savings during Black Friday easy. We want to help you get a good deal no matter if you are looking for a specific product, category or store. Luckily, savings are made easy on our site. We always try to list the original or recommended price, so you know how much you save on your Black Friday deal. The best part is that you don’t need to wait until Black Friday to find a good offer. A lot of shops start already on Monday and some shops have a Black Friday weekend. Of course the best offer and deals start on midnight so be prepared to save money!

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When is Black Friday 2024 in UK?

Black Friday will happen on the 22nd of November 2024. It occurs the day after Thanksgiving in the USA, which is the fourth Thursday in November. Combined with Black Friday, the coming Monday will be Cyber Monday. It is also a big sales event, but not as popular as Black Friday. In a lot of markets, this is the start of the Christmas shopping. If you are well-prepared and already know which Christmas gift you will give, it is a perfect opportunity to score them at a lower price.

Which deals will be available?

Almost all stores have Black Friday deals, even if some stores have started saying no to this event. The rule of thumb is that the more stores that sells a product, the higher chance it will be discounted. All online e-commerce stores are fighting for the lowest price and the best deal. The competition is of course higher if more stores sell a product, which normally means a lower price for you as a customer.

A lot of electronic products are often found at great prices with the deals during Black Friday. No matter if you are looking for kitchen gadgets or the latest gaming console, there is a high chance you will find a good deal. A lot of clothing stores have Black Friday deals, but they often have a 15-20% site-wide discount.

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What is Black Friday Weekend?

Some retailers decide to not only have Black Friday discounts but during the whole week. Some stores have Black Friday weekend from Friday-Sunday with the best deals happening on Friday. Other stores have the same deals during the whole week and some stores also includes Monday.

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is considered to be the biggest shopping day. Most stores are offering fantastic discounts during this day. Recently a lot of offline stores have also started with Black Friday offers. We recommend buying it offline since you don’t need to go to the store, queue and run inside the store to find your product.

Popular Products during the sales

Electronic products are widely popular during Black Friday. We expect that products such as Fitbit, Nintendo Switch and GoPro will be attractive for consumers. We will of course list more than electronic products to help you save with any purchase.

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