Black Friday in July

Black Friday in July first originated in 2012. Shops like Target used to use the term to promote sales happening throughout the month. Amazon has made it bigger and better with its Prime Day. This was in 2015 and other online retailers raced to compete with their own sales. It’s encouraged lots of stores to go neck and neck with their own deals across the week.

Where Did it Come From?

So, what’s with another Black Friday in July? We’re here to debunk all the details and get you all the information you need to not miss out!

Many stores are offering great deals with some even going lower than the ones they have in November. Competition is fierce too, with retailers targeting Amazon and releasing deals that undercut them. Some companies like eBay even offer their best deals if Amazon’s website crashes! Yet so far, Amazon still rakes in the biggest sales across all the retailers. Unsurprising, considering the wealth of items they sell.

Places to look for deals

  • Dell got involved in 2018 and even introduced a cyber week with sales on computers. It’s a great place to look if you fancy upgrading your laptop.
  • It’s worth checking eBay too as they often announce big price drops during July.
  • Not forgetting the one who started this, Amazon. With discounts on kindles to kitchen appliances, there’s sure to be something you need. Just remember, you must be a Prime member to take part.

Summer is such an exciting time, with a much-needed break and some time relaxing away from work. It’s also when notice the coffee machine needs updating or you’ve run out of summer clothes that you actually like. Luckily the sales happen online so you can browse the web without moving from the sun lounger. Even better, they get delivered straight to your door. Making the sales not only easy on the wallet but convenient too!