Perfume Black Friday Deals for 2023

Best Perfume Black Friday sale in the UK


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Perfume Black Friday deals

Perfume is the ultimate female accessory. So it’s no wonder perfume adorns the beauty vanities of women up and down the UK. Perfume and scent have been worn for centuries, and it shows no sign of slowing down in popularity. Therefore, you need to equip yourself with the best Black Friday knowledge to secure your next perfume-related bargain!

The history of perfume

The story of perfume takes us all the way back to Ancient Greece and back to the present day. Throughout history, perfume and scent have been used in worship, to seduce and as a signifier of wealth.

Modern perfumery originated in the late 1800s. Once synthetic ingredients had been created, this led to some of the famous scents we know and love today. Iconic businesswoman Estee Lauder is considered to have popularised the ‘everyday perfume’. Before this, perfume was worn by women as more of a luxury and reserved for special occasions.

This brings us to the present day, where perfume is everywhere. Whether you want to buy high end or from a local retailer, in the modern age we are spoiled for choice.

Finding perfume on sale

Perfume is available in a huge range of retailers. A lot of fashion brands have brought out their own line of perfumes to meet demand. A prime example of this is the brand Zara. Outside of this are the perfumeries, dedicated only to selling your favourite scents. These include:

  • The Perfume Shop
  • The Fragrance shop

Many pharmacies like Boots will also have a range of popular scents in stock. There is almost always a sale and outlet ongoing in one of these stores to find your favourite perfume on sale. This goes the same for the Black Friday sales, where the discounts might be even higher.

The most popular perfumes in the UK

The perfume industry is vast and varied. However, some iconic scents will always stand out from the crowd. Here are a selection of the UK’s most popular perfumes:

  • CHANEL- Coco Mademoiselle
  • Yves Saint Laurent – Black Opium
  • CHANEL – Number 5
  • Lancome – La Vie Est Belle

Try before you buy

There is no denying, good quality perfume does not come cheap. Higher-end perfumes can easily set you back over £100, if not more. This means trying the scent before committing to a steep price tag is vital.

Luckily, there is an easy solution. Many stores, particularly perfumeries, give out free samples to help sell more perfume. Visit your local beauty counters, staff will be more than happy to provide you with 2-3 small samples of perfume to make sure you like it.

Previous perfume Black Friday savings

Perfume is a particularly good item to find savings with on Black Friday. Previous years have shown retailers with up to 70% off. Make sure to sign up to those mailing lists before Black Friday. It may make you eligible for early access and VIP events.

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