Predictions Black Friday 2021

Every year, something brand new happens. With Covid throwing a spanner in the works, 2020 was completely different to every other year. As the world still reels from the effects of the pandemic, this year is set to have a lot of changes to the usual order. We’ve whipped out our crystal ball to bring you some predictions for Black Friday 2021.

Spending will rise

After spending many long months trapped inside our homes, many of us are looking for a treat. A lot of money has been saved up simply from not being able to go out and spend on dinners or weekends out having fun. So now we’re all looking to make up for the lost time. We have a sneaking suspicion that this will have a knock-on effect on Black Friday and that sales will go through the roof. Especially since a lot of people’s holiday seasons were ruined or at least dialled down last year! We’re sure that many are looking forward to a well-deserved blowout!

Online shopping will be encouraged

As Covid is still an issue, many Countries are keeping social distancing and masks in effect. Which means huge crowds will cause a lot of problems. In an effort not to overwhelm staff on the shop floor, we predict retailers will push online shopping. It happened last year as a result of the pandemic and things still aren’t running at full capacity. Online shopping is a great way to take the pressure off businesses. It also helps to keep everyone fit and well to celebrate Christmas in style!

Sales will start earlier

We’ve seen it already in previous years but this year could see Black Friday getting even longer. Gone are the days when it was just a 24-hour sale. Now we not only have Black Weekend and Cyber Monday but sales that extend across the whole of November. Amazon has even begun their sale in October! Again, this helps keeps numbers lower and spreads out the shopping over a longer period of time. This also places less strain on companies to produce a large number of goods in a quick time frame. Last year there were issues within supply chains. With production around the world still at a slower pace, this will have an effect again.

Deals will be bigger and better

Already the sales are used by many companies as an opportunity to compete with one another. For years, businesses make it their mission to price match the retailing giants. They do this to try to draw their customers away and recently, it’s been working well. This is great news for consumers as they get the pick of the best prices as retailers fight for their custom.

Hopefully, those predictions bring you some wisdom to guide you through the holiday sales. With Covid raging its way through the world, we all deserve some retail therapy and a holiday season filled with merriment. Happy shopping!