Pushchair Black Friday Deals for 2023

Best Pushchair Black Friday sale in the UK

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Check out these pushchair Black Friday deals

The one thing every new family needs is a pushchair. They function as a portable bed, method of travel and safe place for your new baby. Finding a pushchair that is high-quality and stands the test of time can be tricky. Especially when you want one that doesn’t cost the earth. Have no fear, we have researched into the best ways to save when buying your new pushchair during Black Friday.

The history of the pushchair

Pushchairs and prams have existed since the early 1700s. They are a safe and secure way to transport babies and young children that are not yet able to walk. The first designs were cart-like contraptions, originally planned to be pulled by small animals such as goats or dogs. It was swiftly discovered that leaving animals in the charge of babies was not the safest idea. After this, a more modern push pram was created for parents to wheel their little ones around in.

These prams became incredibly popular and fashionable in the Victorian period. They came to almost be seen as a fashion accessory, with ornate designs. These large, bulky prams proved impractical in the modern world. This led to the development of the pushchair that focused on practicality.

Finding the best pushchair deals

Luckily, there are a lot of kids store offering pushchairs at great prices. Head over to stores like:

  • JoJo Maman Bébé
  • Mamas & Papas
  • Kiddies Kingdom

Kiddies Kingdom has for example both a clearance and an offer page, where it is easy to find amazing deals on your new pushchair. With some long-term planning, you will be able to find an amazing deal on Black Friday and if not, there is always a backup in terms of the regular sales.

Pushchairs with a travel system

The most efficient way to get out and about with a new baby is by having a pushchair that fits into a travel system. This type of pushchair is compatible with car seats as well as a carrycot. They allow for quick click ins and outs of the car and chair. Travel systems are perfect for sleepy newborns that you don’t want to wake after a snooze in the car. You can simply transport them from one mode of transport to another.

Lightweight pushchairs

Hauling around a growing baby can be tough and heavy work. You don’t need the added weight of a pushchair to contend with as well. On trips out, it is likely you’ll encounter unsteady terrains and the dreaded stairs. What you need is a lightweight pushchair that is easy and manageable to push around all day. Find below some of the most popular lightweight pushchair brands on the market:

  • Joie
  • Cuggl
  • Chicco London
  • Red Kite Baby

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