What is Cyber Monday?

A day of online discounts, the Monday after Thanksgiving. Cyber Monday is like Black Friday but more adapted for the modern-day shopper. It’s perfect for those of us who can’t face the pressure of the shops. Or who make their best purchases whilst snuggled up at home with a hot beverage.

The meaning behind Cyber Monday

Black Friday began in 1961 and took a good few years to build up the frenzy we see today and Cyber Monday came much later. In the ’60s, the only way to buy gifts was to face the crowds at your local shops but nowadays, that looks a lot different. It was inconceivable then to have the internet in your pocket. Let alone be able to buy your entire Christmas gifts at the click of a button! Fast forward to 28th November 2005, and Cyber Monday is born.

Cyber Monday was a term created by Ellen Davis. It began in 2005 when online shop owners returned to work after a weekend off and were keen to get shopping. Many saw the high-speed internet that they didn’t get at home as a chance to get ready for Christmas. It may have been on company time, but sales started to rise. Hence, the opportunity to extend the sales of Black Friday to online buyers.

This made Cyber Monday the biggest online shopping day of the year as sales rocketed. Who doesn’t love to get some errands done at work? It’s perfect for smaller businesses too, giving them a chance to compete against the bigger retailers.

Timeline of events

  • Thanksgiving began in 1621, as the pilgrims celebrated harvest.
  • Philadelphia starts price drops the day after Thanksgiving. In 1961 it’s coined Black Friday by police who dreaded the long hours of crowd control.
  • Then in 2005, Cyber Monday is invented. This gives consumers more opportunity to snap up reduced gifts, only this time, it’s online.

How to find the best deals

Finding good deals can be overwhelming, especially online. It’s a good to already have an idea of what items you fancy buying and then looking up where they might sell them online. This is essential for any panic buyers! Many retailers release a preview of their deals before Monday, giving you a chance to make a note of them beforehand. Then it’s just a case of comparing deals and getting started early before all the stock is snatched up! Begin with your favourite shops first and go from there. Happy surfing!