What is Singles Day?

Originally called ‘Bachelors Day’, Singles Day is an unofficial holiday that began in China. Those who are not in relationships use the day to celebrate their singleton life. Usually by buying themselves gifts. It’s the ultimate in self-love! As a result, it has since become one of the biggest online shopping days of the year.

Sometimes being single sucks. Especially when Valentine’s Day comes around and it feels like everyone is flaunting their undying love to spite you. There are some perks to not having a spouse though. Never having to share a dessert, a whole bed to starfish in and, our favourite, Singles Day.

When is Singles Day?

Singles Day happens every year on the 11th of November and the reason is beautifully poetic. Each 1 is a representation of a single person. The 1 bears resemblance to a stick that doesn’t yet have any branches on it. So, the four 1’s are symbolic of four single people stood together.

It began in 1993 when 4 male students formed an anti-valentine’s day celebration. Its popularity spread to other students and then even to other Universities. Now, it’s a popular event for parties and an opportunity for singles to mingle with each other. The media in China also pick up on the day, posting love stories and advice for dating.

As with Black Friday, the day has escalated and turned into a shopping event. Retailers began to get involved and in 2009 announced discounts online. Following its success, other stores began to get involved. Since then, sales have surpassed other online shopping events.

Other days for singles around the world

The excitement has spread to other countries, all wanting to get a piece of the action:

  • In the UK, Singles Day is celebrated on the 11th March and was introduced by dating experts.
  • Indonesia has had great success there too. The 11 November is called ‘Harbolnas’ which means National Online Shopping Day.
  • The number of retailers celebrating in Germany is slowly growing too.

So when being single is taking its toll on your happiness, be sure to keep the 11th November in your diary. Even if your country is yet to acknowledge it, you can celebrate with some friends with a spot of retail therapy. It’s sure to lift your spirits in no time!