When is Black Friday?

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving in the USA. This year Black Friday will occur the 24th November 2023. The date is the same around the world.

Every year Thanksgiving rolls around in a flurry of turkey and family festivities. It sometimes seems like a long stretch until Christmas, but luckily, Black Friday bursts onto the scene. It’s perfect for indulging in some shopping with some guilt-free purchases at a steal!

But what is the actual date?

The date of Black Friday changes every year – a pain for anyone who likes a bit of organisation in their lives. Not to worry though, each year Thanksgiving happens on the fourth Thursday of November. This means you can always mark down Black Friday in your diary as the day after Thanksgiving. Now you can keep it free for some much-needed retail therapy or keep it as a yearly event for you and your friends.

If you’re not quite sure what Black Friday is, let’s clear that up for you! The day after Thanksgiving marks the biggest day of the year for retailers and the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. Most companies join in, with huge price drops on anything from laptops to shoes. Black Friday is inherited from the USA, although thanks to its booming success there, it’s becoming a worldwide event. With each year that passes, more countries are joining in on the fun.

Black Friday is just the beginning!

The sales don’t just last one day anymore! There are plenty of other days to snag that tablet you’ve had your eye on, for a fraction of the price! Not content with only one day, the deals have stretched out across the next three. This is been named ‘Black Weekend’ and continues to entice customers into the shops. Or if you don’t make it to the shops in time and are feeling a little left out, not to worry! There’s Cyber Monday which is a bit like Black Friday but all online! It offers lots of great deals conveniently at your fingertips.

Key dates for your diaries

  • The fourth Thursday of November is Thanksgiving.
  • But if you don’t celebrate and are simply here to save a bit of dosh, scribble in the day after for a trip to the shops.
  • Black weekend arrives straight after the Friday.
  • And Cyber Monday swoops in with deals through your screens on Monday. It’s a welcome respite after all the chaos of the shops has simmered down.

Make sure you get all the dates scribbled down, you don’t want to miss out on any deals!