ActiFry Black Friday Deals for 2024

Best ActiFry Black Friday sale in the UK


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Get Your ActiFry This Black Friday

Air fryers have become a must-have for kitchens all around the world for a reason. But, there’s one that most people want to have at home: the ActiFry by Tefal. If you’re one of them, keep reading. Buying an ActiFryer is an investment so you’ll want to know everything possible about it. Especially, how to get it for a good price. At Black Friday Club, we have done the research so you can catch the best deals for the ActiFry this year.

The Queen of Air Fryers

Tefal’s ActiFry is the leading air fryer by excellence. Why? The machine essentially cooks on its own. You can focus on doing other things at home, while just letting it do its work. Its patented technology gives it a unique standing among other air fryers.
Here are some of the features ActiFry has to offer:

  • Multiple functions and pre-set programmes
  • A stirring paddle – its most celebrated feature
  • No mid-cook action – the stirring function makes the cooking process automatic from beginning to end. You won’t even need to check on your food.
  • Dishwasher resistance

Depending on the model, the ActiFry can adjust temperature, times and movement to cook each ingredient perfectly.

Choose Your Perfect ActiFry

You’ll want to choose an ActiFry based on your needs and budget. These are some of the available ActiFry product lines in the market:

  • ActiFry Original (under £100) – It has the essential functions and equal quality.
  • ActiFry Advance (£170+) – The intermediate option equipped with more pre-sets.
  • ActiFry Genius (£200+) – Tefal’s star high-tech line. It has received positive reviews internationally and usually takes top places in air fryer rankings.

Still don’t know which model is the best for you? At Tefal’s website, you can use the compare tool to compare the different models. This will help you see different models and choose the best fit.
Double Deal: ActiFry 2 in 1
The ActiFry Genius 2 in 1 is the most researched high-tech model for Black Friday in the UK. Why? This fryer allows you to cook two things at a time. For example, if you want to make fish and chips, you can prepare them simultaneously and save time. This also makes the cleaning process a lot easier.
These are some of its best features:

  • Two cooking zones
  • Signature stirring paddle
  • No need for mid-cook action
  • Pre-set cooking programmes
  • Easy cleaning / Dishwasher-safe

This model is listed at around £230+, so it’s an investment. However, you may find it on sale well under that price. How? Looking for ongoing offers at Tefal and other retailers, like Amazon. Most importantly: keep an eye out for Black Friday.

Are There Cheaper Versions of ActiFry?

Tefal is a reliable, signature kitchen brand. And it has fairly affordable air fryers. The Original and Advanced lines are overall more economic than the Genius line. However, they still offer most of the same features that make the ActiFryer great. Most models are usually under £180 and you may find even lower prices on Black Friday!
If you’re still looking for a cheaper air fryer, you may want to look into Tefal’s Easy Fryer line instead. It’s a basic alternative, but it gets the job done. List prices usually start at around £70.

Catching Great Prices for ActiFry

If you check regularly, you can find moderate discounts from Tefal (around £30). By subscribing to the brand’s newsletter, you’ll also get a 25% discount on your next purchase. You can use it to buy your ActiFry this year! Retailers like Argos, Curry’s and Amazon also have attractive discounts. Their prices usually drop even more during Black Friday. Offers usually go from £20 to £60+ off. Additionally, these retailers often have sales for slightly older models in stock. These can be great deals.

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