Induction hobs Black Friday Deals for 2023

Best Induction hobs Black Friday sale in the UK


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Investing on kitchen technology

Induction hobs are the priciest type of hob that you can get for your kitchen. However, they’re worth the money. Why? Because they’re incredibly efficient in terms of speed and energy consumption. Black Friday is the best time to get one. Just remember to make a decision based on quality as well as price. We help you out.

Hobs of innovation

Induction hobs are different from regular gas or electric ones. They can heat the pots or pans you place on them directly, instead of through the hob’s surface. An advanced technology to activate an internal magnetic field allows this. In short, an induction hob skips the step of heating the cooking surface on your counter before heating the pan. This makes it faster to heat and more energy-efficient. These are some features you may want to evaluate when buying an induction hob:

  • Size and number of burners
  • Safety features – control-panel locks and cooking timers
  • Extra functions – wok burning, touch controls, flexi-zones, app controls

From all cooking systems, induction hobs are the safest. They don’t get as hot as other kinds. Their mechanism allows the heat to transfer directly to the pan and, of course, your food. That leaves the hob’s surface at a moderate to warm temperature, mostly leftover from the pan. This can prevent serious burns if one were to touch it. We promise it’s technology, not sci-fi!
Do keep in mind that induction hobs use magnetic fields. So, they only work with pans and pots made of ferrous metals like stainless steel or cast iron.

Take the best brands home

More and more kitchen brands are selling induction hubs. But, some brands are already well-established in the market and loved by customers. These are a few of the most popular full-size induction hob sellers by price range:

  • Middle-range – AEG, Bosch, Beko, Cookology and Hisense
  • High-end – NEFF, Miele, Siemens and Elica

On top of being well-known, these brands consistently appear at the top in rankings for quality and performance. If your budget allows it, we recommend buying models from these brands.

Best induction hobs by budget

Because buying an induction hob is already an investment, you’ll want to get the best value out of it. According to test-based rankings and reviews, these are the top induction hobs in the UK:

  • Hisense I6433C – Best under £250
  • AEG MaxiSense IKE64450FB – Best for middle-range
  • Miele KM7897 FL – Best for high-end

Two in one: Induction hobs with extractor

If being super-efficient was not enough, some induction hobs also include a built-in extractor. But what does that do? Basically, eliminate the need for a separate extractor hood to draw the steam up. The hob’s own extractor draws the air down into a filter. That air can get cleaned and recycled back into the kitchen, or it can be directed to the outside.
One thing to consider: This may mean that your hob will take more space on and under your kitchen counter. And of course, it will be more expensive.

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