Smeg Black Friday Deals for 2023

Best Smeg Black Friday sale in the UK


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Make your kitchen stand out

Smeg products are the ultimate buy for people who love stylish designs in their kitchen. If you’ve been dreaming about a vintage Smeg toaster or fridge, Black Friday is your best opportunity to get one. We share all you need to know about the brand and its popular products. And, of course, how to get better deals for them.

The best for style!

Smeg is one of the most popular luxury kitchen brands in the UK. Its main strength is the style and design of its products. Their slogan is “Technology with style”. The brand is most famous for its retro-inspired appliances, which feature an eye-catching 50s aesthetic. They all have a bright, glossy finish, with soft edges, metal details and beautiful colours.
Like Miele, Smeg likes to highlight its European history and style. The brand was created in Italy, so its focus on luxury and high-end design isn’t a surprise. Smeg has become one of the top Italian kitchen manufacturers with international presence.

Popular and picture-worthy products

Smeg’s retro line is by far the most popular by the brand. Bloggers love to feature their shiny, bright vintage-looking appliances on Instagram. These are some fan-favourite products:

  • 2-Slice Retro Toaster
  • ECF01PBEU Espresso Machine
  • FAB30L Fridge Freezer

Ovens are also a popular, yet pricey Smeg kitchen investment. Cooks and bakers love the super chic Victoria DOSF6920N1 Electric Double Oven.

Retro kettles and toasters: A chic couple

Kettles are a must-have in any British kitchen. That’s why every kitchen brand sells them. And Smeg isn’t the exception! Their fast-boiling vintage kettles will shine on your countertop. The best part: you can find them at great prices. Smeg kettles are often on sale for Black Friday.

But there’s more… You can buy a bundle that pairs your kettle with a toaster. And it will save you a few pounds. Retro toasters are Smeg’s best-selling products. These two appliances make the perfect accent pieces to make your kitchen look chic. Currently, Smeg doesn’t offer these sets on their website anymore. However, you may find them at retailers like AO, Argos, Currys or Amazon.

Style vs. function?

Are Smeg products worth the price tag? It depends. If looks are your main concern for your kitchen, their stylish looks might be perfect for you. But, at Black Friday Club, we have also researched performance reviews for the brand.
Not all Smeg appliances are so well-reviewed for efficiency, considering their high prices. For example, their fridges. However, some products have passed quality tests with flying colours. These include toasters, coffee machines and ovens. So, it really all depends on what you’re searching for.

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